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Terms of Use

Updated at June, 2023


We are AL-BADAR AUTO TECH LTD (Company, We, Us, Our)
We operate our products and services that refer or link to these legal terms (THE LEGAL TERMS) (collectively, THE SERVICES)

These legal terms constitute a legally binding agreement made between you, whether personally or on behalf of an entity ("YOU") & AL-BADAR AUTO TECH LTD, concerning your access to and use of the Services. You agree that by accessing the services, you have read, understood and agreed to be bound by all of these LEGAL TERMS. 

If you DO NOT AGREE to all of these LEGAL TERMS, then you are expressly prohibited from using the services and must DISCONTINUE USE immediately.

We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to make changes or modifications to the LEGAL TERMS at any time for any reason. We will alert you about any changes by updating the "last updated" date of these legal terms, and you waive any right to receive specific notice of each such change. It is your responsibility to periodically review these legal terms to stay informed of updates.

You will be subject to, and will be deemed to have been made aware of and to have accepted, the changes in any advised legal terms by your continued use of (THE SERVICES) after the date such revised legal terms are posted.

You can contact us by email at enquiries@albadarautotech.co.uk


These Terms and Conditions are the standard terms which apply:

1.      to the Consumer of any services performed by AL-BADAR AUTO TECH LTD.


  1. Definitions and Interpretation
      1. In these Terms and Conditions, the following expressions have the following meanings:


an individual who receives any of the Services for his/her personal use and not for any business, trade, craft, or profession carried on by him/her or any other person or organisation (as defined by the Consumer Rights Act 2015 or any amendment of that Act


a customer of the Garage who requires our Services


An estimate of the price of the work

An estimate for the time frame of the work


AL-BADAR AUTO TECH LTD, Unit 5, Prospect Row, Dudley, DY2 8SG, Company Number 14908121 a reference to the Garage shall include reference to all of its staff including mechanics.


a final invoice giving the total price of the Work;


The fee payable for the work including parts, labour, and any additional charges;


any type of repair or mechanical maintenance of Vehicles

Total Price

the Price plus any VAT chargeable on the price in addition


your vehicle which may be a car or van


the warranty provided by Al-Badar Auto Tech LTD for the services performed on your vehicle

Warranty Period

the duration of the warranties provided by Al-Badar Auto Tech LTD

Web Site

Our website the URL of which is www.albadarautotech.co.uk


the particular services that Al-Badar Auto Tech LTD agree to provide to you;

2.      Booking


1.      You may request a booking for any work in person, by telephone, by email, by way of our web site or in writing

2.      When you request a booking, you must give us the following information:

1.      your contact details including your address, telephone number and email address

2.      what work you require done

3.      the make, model and age of the Vehicle.

4.      details of any warranties covering the Vehicle.

3.      We will let you have an estimate verbally or by email based on the details you provide.

4.      If you agree to the estimate we shall confirm the booking to you and carry out the work as close as possible to the date you originally requested as circumstances allow. There will only be a binding contract between us once we have confirmed the booking, this will be emailed to you and must be signed for us to conduct any services.

5.      You may accept the estimate by email.

3.      Payment and Invoices


1.      We may require a deposit before we start the work. This will be confirmed in the initial booking and must be paid upon delivery of the vehicle to the garage.

2.      From the point at which work on the Vehicle begins we shall have the right to keep the Vehicle until you have made payment in full of all sums due from you.

3.      Following our completion of the work, we shall issue an invoice to you.

4.      The invoice will provide a comprehensive summary of all the work done and will provide full details of all parts and labour including the price payable, with the VAT element payable on it shown separately.

5.      Where the work relates to a Vehicle the invoice will show the mileage of the vehicle and will refer to the specific warranty given based on the type of work carried out.

6.      All sums due must be paid upon completion of the work performed on your vehicle.

7.      We will accept payment via BACS, Stripe.

8.      In addition to our rights, if you do not pay all sums due by the required payment date, we will have the right to serve you a final notice requiring immediate payment (final notice) if you then do not pay the sums then due within 14 days of the final notice we shall have the legal right to retain or sell the Vehicle at your expense without having to give you any further notice. We shall request in writing for the V5 to be signed and sent to us.

4.      The Work 

      1. We will inform you prior to starting the work, including the estimated time for completion.
      2. If we require parts to carry out the work and these are not available at the time needed, and we have agreed to start the work, we shall inform you. When we expect the parts to be available, we will revise our estimated time to complete the work.
      3. If we cannot carry out and complete the work due to non-availability of parts or a delay in their/parts delivery, we shall inform you and you may then either decide to rebook the work, when parts become available or cancel the work in accordance with your rights providing no work has been started.
      4. If we find during the work that we need to use additional parts and / or labour, we will only order the additional parts or carry out the additional work if you have first authorised us to do so. We will give you a revised estimate of the cost of the additional parts and any labour and the amount of time we think we will need to complete the additional work, this will be sent in writing via email.

5.      We shall use reasonable endeavours to ensure that we take good care of your Vehicle, we require you to remove all your possessions from it before we start the work and will not accept responsibility for the loss of any possessions within the vehicle that you do not remove.

6.      During working hours on your Vehicle, please do not disturb any of the workers/mechanic, you shall be informed of any updates within a reasonable manner, and do not contact any workers/mechanic outside of the working hours for updates.

7.      We strictly prohibit customer’s entrance in the garage for health and safety purposes.

8.      We will not tolerate any customers showing verbal abuse/ill manners of any kind.

9.      We have the right to refuse service to any customers showing verbal abuse/ill manners of any kind.


Vehicle Warranties

1.      We shall provide warranties for all services performed and these terms and conditions will be clearly set out in writing.

2.      We shall accept responsibility for any faults or defects that arise within the warranty time period.

3.      If the terms and conditions of the set warranty are not met by the customer then the warranty shall be classed as VOID, and we shall charge the customer at our normal labour rate.

4.      The warranty is personal to you and not transferrable.


5.      Insurance, Damage and Liability


1.      We shall at all the times have in place suitable and valid insurance, including Motor trade, public liability and products and services.

2.      We shall not be liable to you for any loss or damage you suffer due to your failure to follow our terms and conditions.

3.      We will not be liable to you for any failure or delay in performing our obligations where such failure or delay results from any cause that is beyond our reasonable control.

4.      We provide services to you only for your personal and private use/purposes as a customer. We make no warranty or representation that products, or other goods or materials that we use in carrying out the work are fit for commercial, business, industrial, trade, craft or professional purposes of any kind (including resale). We will not be liable to you for any loss of profit, loss of business, interruption to business or for any loss of business opportunity.

5.      Nothing in these Terms and Conditions is intended to or will exclude or limit our liability for death or personal injury caused by our negligence (including that of our employees, agents or sub-contractors) or for fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation



6.      Cancellation

1.      If you cancel the work after we have started it you must pay us for all labour and for all parts we have used and for those parts we have not used but which we have ordered and which, in our reasonable judgement, we are unlikely to be able to use or sell within 6 months. We will charge you for that labour at the same hourly rate as we used to calculate the price. 

2.      Once you have paid us all that you owe us, you shall collect (or arrange for the collection of) your Vehicle within 7 days. We will not release your Vehicle or until you have paid in full all sums that you owe us.

3.      If you cannot collect within the 7 days, we shall charge you a storage fee (£10 per day) for each day your Vehicle remains on our premises.


7.      Changes to Terms and Conditions

1.      We may from time - to - time change our Terms and Conditions without giving you notice, but we will use our reasonable endeavours to inform you as soon as is reasonably possible of any such change.

8.      Third Party Rights


1.      No part of the contract between you and Al-Badar Auto Tech LTD is intended to confer rights on any third parties and accordingly the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 shall not apply to the contract.

2.      The contract between you and Al-Badar Auto Tech LTD shall continue and be binding as required


                   9. Law and Jurisdiction


  1. These Terms and Conditions and the relationship between you and Al- Badar Auto Tech LTD (whether contractual or otherwise) shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with English Law.
  2. Any dispute, controversy, proceedings or claim between you and Al-Badar Auto Tech LTD relating to these Terms and Conditions (whether contractual or otherwise) shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.